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How to Make a Dog Coat – Behind the Scenes at Barker and Browns

How to Make a Dog Coat – Behind the Scenes at Barker and Browns

It’s high time we show you round the Barker and Browns studio. This is where the magic happens! You’d be surprised just how many steps are involved to make a dog coat. We hope this post gives you an insight into the processes Nicki uses to make each one of your bespoke dog fleece and coat orders.

Please note: Every Barker and Browns order is made to measure and handmade by Nicki in her Stafford Studio. During busy periods orders can take up to 3 weeks to make and post to you.

With over 30 years professional dressmaking experience, Nicki has turned her creativity and expertise to the dog industry. She crafts a wide range of bespoke dog jumpers and coats, featuring high quality anti-pill polar fleece. Her fun and functional designs include the bestselling Barker and Browns Dinosaur Dog Fleece and the Quilted Dog Coat.

Receive Your Dog’s Measurements

The majority of our orders arrive via our online shop. However we get a fair few via email too, particularly if your dog’s measurements fall outside our size guide! Fortunately, all our products are made by Nicki individually, to ensure the perfect fit for your dog.

It’s best to place your order via our online shop or email, as Nicki doesn’t manage the inboxes of our social media accounts (that’s Hattie’s job!)

How to Make a Dog Coat - Barker and Browns

Cut Out the Fabric

Once Nicki has received your order, she gets to work cutting out the fabric. We use anti-pill polar fleece for our jumpers, which help keep your dogs dry on walks. Our quilted coats are made with a water-resistant quilted fabric, which are also lined with fleece. For our Dog Drying Coats we use a bamboo towel lining inside our fleece for added absorbency.

Of course, Nicki’s working cocker Ollie is happy to lend a hand. Once all the pieces of fabric have been cut out (including spots and spikes for our Dinosaur Fleees!) it’s time to start sewing!

Assistant Working Cocker Ollie - Barker and Browns

Sewing Bespoke Elements

Nicki starts by sewing on the personalised elements of your order. This includes spots and spikes for Dinosaur Fleece orders, the details of your Bespoke Coat order and any personalised embroidery. Nicki knows her way round a sewing machine thanks to her 30 years experience as a professional dressmaker. She’s a whizz when it comes to sewing too!

All our Barker and Browns products are made with dogs in mind. Nicki works hard to ensure her stitching can withstand even the most rambunctious of breeds. Nicki also takes care to match her threads with the fabric too, creating a seamless finish.

One of Nicki's Sewing Machines - Barker and Browns

Piecing Together the Coat

Finally, once all the personalised elements are in place, it’s time to sew the main coat together. We create our fleeces with or without legs. The legs are the fiddliest element but Nicki always makes sure they’re the perfect fit. They’ve got to be slim enough so they don’t look baggy and long enough without interfering with your dog’s dew claws. Velcro fastenings are added to the tummy strap once the coat has been sewn together. This reduces the need to bend or manipulate your dog’s legs into the coat. We can use alternative fastening methods if you prefer, just let us know when you place your order!

It wouldn’t be a Barker and Browns coat without our ‘BB’ emblem on the front. Once the coats have been checked by quality control, they’re ready to send out in the post.

How to Make a Dog Coat - Barker and Browns

Posting Your Order

Finally it’s time to post your order. Usually it takes between 2 to 3 weeks to receive your order. Nicki posts all orders using 1st class Royal Mail, which usually takes up to 2 working days to deliver.

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